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Almost all of my childhood memories involve food. From my early days in the kitchen with my grandfather to spending my weekends with a Ken Hom cookbook and carefully measuring every ingredient. It would take me hours to follow a recipe that taught me what flavours went together but not how to cook. I could spend all day in the kitchen making things from scratch but at the end of the day it would never be as good as the restaurants.

I remember then finding it frustrating. I would spend so much time and end up with an average meal. We would sit down for dinner as a family and it would be consumed within minutes. My brothers always in a rush to get out the door for Saturday night drinks and all I would get is a cheers Jim and off they went.

I loved it tho, and was the beginning of my 25 years in professional kitchens.

Does it sound familiar? Putting so much effort into your meals and it just not tasting how you want or expect it to.

As a personal chef I hear the struggles of cooking all the time


  • No Time: Spending too long in the kitchen is the biggest problem. 
  • Confidence: Not sure when things are ready so keep cooking until they're dry and overcooked.
  • Variety: Only cook a few dishes which become boring so end-up ordering in.

or, I don't like or eat that, for me to cook it for them and they really enjoy it! They tried it years ago and for one reason or another it went terribly wrong and they've never tried it again. Even to the extreme case of limiting themselves to just chicken.

Can you imagine just eating the same thing over and over or just ordering in every night.
It tastes good but ordering in every night will soon affect your wallet and your waste line.

Restaurant food is designed to be tasty, not healthy or to be eaten everyday!
It's normally loaded with added sugars and preservatives that as we know have a long lasting affect on our bodies.

I was sent this screenshot by one of my clients as she uses my service as she was spending so much on food.

The average rule on markup is 3 to 4 times. So you can literally pay a quarter of the price to eat at home and it will be healthier. What's surprising is her partner also orders from the app so this doesn't even show the full amount on what they are spending on food.

I know you're short on time!

So I've made the classes so you have a meal at the end. You can meal prep them so you have extra portions which will save you time and money.

Every class is LIVE-STREAMED on the 10th & 20th of the month. 

Live-streaming gives you the best experience, you can have your questions answered in real-time and I can show you step-by-step how everything is done.


Reduce mental fatigue





cut waste

I'm Chef Jaime, a professional Chef in Melbourne, Australia. 

Over the past 25 years I've worked with some of the best Chefs, Gordon Ramsay & Marcus Wareing to name a couple and at Claridges hotel. 

In 2007 I opened my own restaurant in the South of Spain and have been the private chef for 2 royal families. 

I now help people just like you that want to improve their the quality of the meals they eat by teaching them how to cook.

Cooking a meal is something most of us need to do everyday of our lives. By developing this skill you'll be able to have more enjoyable meals, cook to suit your dietary or health requirements or just show off your creations to friends.

Right now I have a special offer for you. I want to teach you everything you need to know to become a better cook at home. You'll learn how to poach, steam, fry, roast, make purees, salsa's and so much more. 

A few of Prince Jefri of Brunei's crew

Every month on the 10th & 20th we will meet in the kitchen and prepare a dish LIVE.

I'll show you step-by-step how to create dishes you'll be proud of.

BONUS - December 10th
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  • Two Live Classes Per Month: Join me in the kitchen on the 10th & 20th of the month.
  • Bonus  Videos: Pre-recorded cooking classes
  • Group Support: We cook as a group so you have other foodies to help out.
  • Pre-enrolment: on my monthly challenges for VIP tickets
  • All Past Live Cooking Classes: Prior live recordings

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Simple actionable steps that make it easy.
Susie S, Brighton, VIC

I can get my kids to eat my food now, 
Thank you
Samanta H,  Miami, QLD

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